With great excitement I announce the formation of Dallas Art Therapy.  This non-profit serves to help bring art therapy services to the Dallas Community.  Many small organizations that provide excellent mental health care to our community have reached out wanting to add art therapy services.  The problem has been three fold: 1. there are not enough art therapists in Dallas to do all of the work.  (Art therapists are required to complete a Masters degree, licensure as an LPC (2,000 hours) and certification as an ATR which is equal to the LPC in several other states).  2. Financial gap between what organizations can pay and what the art therapist requires to fulfill professional responsibilities and 3. widespread misunderstanding of what art therapy is all about.  (Hint: it is not arts and crafts or coloring books).

Through fundraising, donations and volunteers I hope to provide a foundation for new art therapists to provide services to out community.   As more art therapists graduate from programs in New York, Florida, Illinois, and more, perhaps they will come to Dallas and help to grow our art therapy community.  Eventually, we would really like for a university in Texas to start an art therapy masters program.

Currently, Hati Munetsi is leading an Open Art Studio on Saturdays.  Adult studio time is from 10 – 12 and Youth Open Studio is from 2-4.  The studio will run through the first week of December and then close for the holidays.  The studio is free to attend.  Donations are needed and appreciated!  The studio is located at 9535 Forest Lane, STE 264, Dallas, TX 75243.

Inquiries can be sent to me at andrea@dallasarttherapy.com


About Andrea Davis , LPC-AT-S, ATR-BC

I am a Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in Dallas, Texas.
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